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Lavinia's Window

What if I still can't find a Mentor?
If you still can't find a mentor ask a teacher or parent to help you find one.  You can also try writing letters to successful women and ask them a few questions about how they got to be where they are in life.  This can actually lead to a mentor-protégé relationship.  Movie stars and singers are a good place to practice your writing skills, then move on to people who are not so famous, but are very successful.  Authors of your favorite books love to hear that they are appreciated by the kids of today.   You will get more response from people who are not busy touring the country singing and acting.  

If you would feel more comfortable with a professional mentor for one reason or another, then hiring a life coach may be the way for you to go.  Professional life coaches are trained to help people find their life's purpose and live their life's dreams.  

Dawn Nocera is a professional life coach, dedicated to uplifting and supporting women and helping them achieve their dreams.

Are there places to go for more information?
Here are a few links to organizations that support mentoring and have wonderful information about finding a mentor and being one.

The National Mentoring Partnership

The Daughters Sisters Project

Friends for Youth-A California Organization


Big Brothers, Big Sisters of America

HOSTS is a national academic mentoring program through your local school 

Women Into Science and Technology


MentorNet-For Women in Engineering and Science


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